MEMOIRE funded by the French National Research Agency

2018-08-29 11:10:28 UTC 0 Comments

The MEMOIRE ("MultiscalE MOdeling of CD8 T cell Immune REsponses") project built in collaboration with the Jacqueline Marvel, Fabien Crauste and Olivier Gandrillon teams was selected for funding by the French National Research Agency. Its main goal will be to identify, at the single cell level, signatures associated with functionally relevant memory cell subsets, to characterize dynamical molecular networks that are predictive of their generation, and to build a multi-scale computational model of this process.

In this project, AltraBio will be responsible for the cytometry (flow/mass) and single cells transcriptomics data analysis.

We thank all our collaborators for the provided efforts during the writing phase and the scientific comity for trusting the  "MEMOIRE" project. 

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